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Bonnie Billet

The alphabet of disease


In the alphabet of disease

each letter

is a separate curse. There's sugar

in the blood, silence in the mind,

fat in the veins,

and both a tightening and bulging

of the spine.  Infirmities

dive like sea birds,

into a bait ball. I can't bring

my groceries in from the car.

I can't open

the apartment windows.

I'm estranged from sleep.  Pain

lights up my days

and dazzles my nights. I live

in the present

eight seconds at a time.

Bonnie Billet

Bonnie Billet wrote until her late 30’s and was published in a number of journals no longer in print and in POETRY.  During the years she stopped writing she ran a small landscaping business in NYC.  She started writing again when she retired and has been published in  several publications including Yes Poetry,  Heavy Feather, Black Cackle and accepted for publication in Rhino.

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