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Zebulon Huset

Therapy Art

I hadn't intending ill 

                        when I 


                        conjured you 

                                                as a tumbleweed. 


                        This was pre-tumble days. 


            Stable, wiry and green 

                                    with little pops of yellow 


for about one wonderous

            week of your short life. 


                        Before being rootless, 

            severed from the umbilical 

                                    connection to the earth,


            desiccated and prickly, 

                                    you roam where the world 

                        wends you, 

                                                            getting in the way 


            until you either disintegrate, 



                        fuel some much greater,

                                                truly transmogrifying fire.


Zebulon Huset is a teacher, writer and photographer living in San Diego. He won the Gulf Stream 2020 Summer Poetry Contest and his writing has appeared in Meridian, The Southern Review, Fence, Atlanta Review & Texas Review among others. He publishes the writing blog Notebooking Daily, edits the journals Coastal Shelf and Sparked, and recommends literary journals at

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