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Linda King

the old men still talk of vineyards

these days

grief bears witness

all translations    imperfect


                                                                              the old men still talk

                                                                                            of vineyards

follow the dirt road

to the lake of no water

everything remains unfinished

lines of coincidence form

                                                                              in a curious belonging

                                                                                            to unknown peculiars



is purely accidental


                                       turn the hourglass

                                                     days are rooms now


there is a still clock

on the mantel


you must rid yourself

of everything

                                                                 every    thing



to bone and dust    you must

maintain a low profile


                                                                 hide your hand

                                                                              of aces



the last of the money

                     on wine

That Little-girl Future


In force fields of possibility    results may vary.

Don’t give anything too much meaning.


With an endless process of revelation

we all teeter on the ledge of language.


Let them write the scene    set the stage.

The scripts are revised every morning.


Whatever the title    that little-girl future

owes you another reality.


One that will keep you from walking

too many miles in the wrong direction.


One that is more than a darkness

that magnifies the light.

Steveston cropped.jpg

Linda King is the author of five poetry collections including
Reality Wayfarers (Shoe Music Press, 2014) and antibodies in the alphabet (BlazeVOX Books, 2019). Her work has appeared in numerous literary journals in Canada and internationally. She has been nominated for Best of the Net and also for the Pushcart Prize. King lives and writes on The Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada.

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