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OXIDANT | ENGINE : Artist Feature

Oxidant | Engine features one artist's artwork for the cover of each issue for one year (2 web issues and 1 boxset.)  For our fourth year the featured artist is Suzanne Koett.

Suzanne Koett is an artist and contemporary photographer from Austin, TX.  Her work centers around the human condition and the shared collective experience.  Through her art she aims to demystify life experiences and shows what it means to be alive, to bravely exist, and live through the heart instead of the mind.  Suzanne holds a BFA in Studio Art (concentration photography) from San Francisco State University.

You can find more of Suzanne's work at 


For each issue Suzanne will be choosing one of her artworks for the cover based on a poem from that issue.

Issue 11: Chantilly, Archival Inkjet Print, 20"x30", 2011 - Based on Tommy D'Addario's "Some Substitutions in Grand Rapids, Michigan"

"Some Substitutions in Grand Rapids, Michigan" brought up a ton of amazing visuals and feelings, but the specific lines that grabbed me was: I have my sandwich and I am alive. These are and aren't my dead.  I remembered a girl I had taken a photo of holding a sandwich between her fingers, observing the scene around her while standing tall in a sea full of mostly seated strangers.  The phrases: full of names, nobody I've ever heard of, I can't recognize the names, and so far from home related to themes in this photograph as well. Reading this piece engaged my senses, intuition, and this photograph popped into my awareness immediately. 

Previous Featured Artists

Joseph Dolinsky was our Artist Feature for Year 1.

Julia Haw was our Artist Feature for Year 2.

Mark Hatley was our Artist Feature for Year 3.

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