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Ivana Mestrovic

My Mother's House


I lived with her ghost for three years

We shared one pair of shoes

She wore the left and I the right

We clumped around the corridors

leaning against one another 

her shoulders shrunk 

so I could feel the ever-present

nubs of wings that had been hiding

beneath the fat of life

Occasionally we shared a bite

something bitter and well-seasoned

though she tended now to rarities

and I to the mineral grit of day

             Eventually we parted 

my appendages swollen 

badly bandaged and temporarily blind

I have regained sight in one eye

Taut across my bones, my new skin

gleams if caught in a certain light

IMG-2262 (1).jpeg

Ivana Mestrovic has worked in arts management for sculptor Mark di Suvero for over thirty years and runs his Spacetime Studio. Ivana also sits on the boards of Socrates Sculpture Park, The Athena Foundation, and the little OPERA theatre of ny. She is working on her first collection of poems.

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