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OXIDANT | ENGINE : BoxSet Series

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What is a BoxSet?


Each volume of the BoxSet Series will contain about 10-15 pages of poetry from roughly a dozen poets, gathered together in one print issue.

The idea is to use the medium of the journal to release “collections” of work by a set of poets.

Think of this as a collection of half-chaps, micro books, folio segments, sequences, long poems, what have you.


Individual poems may have appeared in other journals (as long as they’ve never appeared in a chapbook, book, pamphlet, etc.) 

Are these chapbooks?

Not exactly.  With chapbooks each author's work is individually bound.  With the BoxSet, the collections of about a dozen writers are all bound together.

For readers, this offers the opportunity to explore small collections from a number of different authors, for the standard cost of only a journal.

For writers, this offers the opportunity for a larger quantity of their work to be exposed to a broader audience.  

In other words, we like it because it seems like a win-win!  We also just like reading collections.

Why a BoxSet?



This project began as a late night lamentation about how we here at Oxidant | Engine don’t read enough chapbooks.  Don’t get us wrong; we love chapbooks!  In fact, that was the problem. 


Out of that conversation came the idea of the BoxSet Series.  The pleasures of the collection in the model of the journal!



What are you looking for?


As said, the goal here is to offer readers some of the pleasures of a “collection” in a more accessible form.


We’re looking for roughly 10-15 pages of poetry that are put together as a “collection.”


We also mean “collection” very openly and submissions should not be limited to: sequences and series, narrative or formal unity, chaotic unity, or any form of thematic unity.  In short, interpret "collection"  as works best for you!


We also welcome collaborations.


To submit to the BoxSet Series, go to our Submissions page.

To purchase a copy go to our Order page.

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