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Connor Fisher



Diamond Chain


The coat does calculus. It descends as visitors steal souvenirs at

the séance. Rhythms occupy the spirit mound.


—A shovel soils the suburban turf. Cultures eat through

basements; they perch over plates of pasta. A miserable family

drains dames. Quell the party, dance on the mound. We’ll

abandon improbable desperados. Two petite infants eat souffle

along the riviera.—


Nouns rip the etude as keys reassemble. Remonstrate the

dancing masses.






Home: the ordinary constitution. A neat

chair bellies past pendulant fruit;—

fainting travelers!—your toy testicles produce a trace;—

Eight days

later, croissants fell fertile into princes

whose veiled descendants race pussycats, ox

crimes of ox devils.

Mace the present:—

voters dance, their

voter void unfixed. Croquet of a double

evening meant the invention of one raisin. Success.

—humanity farts, discreet in the universe’s

sense-image;—the force of reflection, the

dance to avoid the present, its seductive apprentice.




Tangled Vines


A lazy voice instructs exiles in “Optimism Studies.” Kale,

lemon eclairs; plains of flowers celebrate! Air lays mordant

forms. . . .—A chauffer pours creamer; she’s unimpressed by

absence. A chauffer delivers verses. . . . Each effort chastens her

bone-white nerves.





Tenacious twins encore Antoine. Effaced in argyle, his zeal

abates in court. It’s an affront.


Architects move to the front, detour from the town siege.

Impervious parfaits offer up their experiences. The affluent

dance for amusement: an ancient curiosity. A totally possible

harmonica. Isn’t it quite a mount to count your soirees, to laser

in on revenue?

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Connor Fisher is the author of the chapbooks The Hinge (Epigraph Magazine, 2018) and Speculative Geography (Greying Ghost Press, forthcoming 2020). He has an MFA from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a Ph.D. in Creative Writing and English from the University of Georgia. His poetry and reviews have appeared or are forthcoming in Typo, the Colorado Review, Tammy, Posit, Cloud Rodeo, and the Denver Quarterly.  

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