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Laurinda Lind

This Same Universe

We have the words for stars

as if they are neighborhoods


nice enough to need names,

brains dusty in the dark.


The whole loose house

will want new wood: when


is a good day to go high,

how unsteady, the heart


in the long wind where

I am a bag of breath.


The lake bleaches black

once the clock quits. There’s


this light that’s not alive,

then it’s light again.

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Laurinda Lind lives in New York’s North Country. Some publications/ acceptances have been in Midwest Quarterly, New American Writing, Paterson Literary Review, Radius, and Spillway; also anthologies Visiting Bob: Poems Inspired by the Life and Work of Bob Dylan (New Rivers Press) and AFTERMATH: Explorations of Loss and Grief (Radix Media). She is the winner of the 2018 Keats-Shelley Prize for adult poetry.

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