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V.S. Ramstack

i heard these noises upstairs


the snow looked like a little case of teeth
this was something we decided was okay
did i mention they were perfectly symmetrical?

no one thought to ask
about the water bottle in the corner
ten feet from your mouth, ten feet from mine

i’m supposed to be at a baby shower
it wasn’t night nor was it dark
also a hundred years of people

the carrot who was a
man wore a dress i liked
sometimes i see him outside

my doorstep

-insert silly graph
-insert relevant time
-insert y axis & yr face

it rained again

no one copies my homework
no one gets on this bus
hi hello i am a jellyfish

tiny bag full of feeling

2017-11-19 04.05.03 1.jpg

V. S. Ramstack is a Pisces, a selective extrovert, and an avid crier. Besides poetry she enjoys cats, flowers, and checking out too many books at the library. She received her MFA from Columbia College Chicago. Other work is forthcoming in Night Music Journal and Posit

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